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Trekking in Nepal for the first time? Here are 6 best ideas!

by Sanjib
Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is an adventure that is great. The magnificent Peaks make Nepal the destination for trekking and adventure. Is this your attempt? No worries if so, Nepal offers a variety of treks From a beginner to a trekker. If You’re ready for the experience of walking in the beautiful You are welcome to Nepal. To enjoy trekking in Nepal you want to have an open mind to different cultures and people.

If You’re Planning to meet your dream of hiking in Nepal, Go through these hints. They’ll help you prepare for the trek in Nepal.

1. Start off Simple

It may sound exotic to perform days trek from the foothill of Nepal. But if this is the first time handling the Nepalese hills it is ideal to start off. It’s fantastic to do some brief altitude treks.

You need to prepare your body distances. It may go conquering the challenging trekking routes that are longer.

You will be familiarized by the treks with uphill and downhill of the Nepali hills. Don’t believe you will miss a lot by selecting the more easy treks. Because even the easy treks in Nepal have a great deal more to provide you with. They’re filled with amazing landscapes, farmland, and mountain vista to lure you.

2. Use an agency or go independent?

It’s great to have the support of a trekking service that is reliable. If you’re currently trekking for the first time, the trekking agency will be of great assistance.

They allow you to adjust to and will arrange everything for your new country. It offers a support group of good and porters English speaking guides to help you.

A guide Won’t only be your friend in a foreign land But will facilitate logistics. S/He can allow you to have an adventure that is insightful.

They visited areas and take you. Give you information your guidebook might have missed. Having a reliable Trekking agency will help you plan your initial hiking trip to Nepal. Help make it the most unique.

3. Luxuries of those cities are out of your reach.

Your psychological and physical preparation is crucial while trekking. Alongside this, you want to get ready for the seclusion in the luxuries.

Although the accommodation provide and in the towns are good. The same, quality solutions aren’t true for the lodges in the villages. The lodges of these villages and the tea houses are easy.

They have the facilities in contrast to the standard. They serve and prepare meals. The menu and chef are almost scarce in the majority of the trek routes.

Eastern toilets are common as you travel away from the main cities. It’s great to carry your own bags. The morning and the evenings can be chilly in the mountains. So, Prepare yourself nicely with clothing that is layered that is warm. Don’t expect to take a shower daily as water might not be available in the village lodges.

The food becomes pricey as you move to a higher and more distant elevation. Do not let these problems discourage you to enjoy this Superb experience. Have a positive attitude and take such challenges. You will enjoy more once you start ignoring these discomforts that are small. And enjoy the hospitality of the villagers in the atmosphere that is gorgeous.

4. Listen to your body.

Few people can walk in the hills for days in a row. No matter the physical fitness, sex, and age, you’ll have a probability of Acute Mountain Sickness. Especially, while traveling to some greater altitude.

Learn about prevention and illness if You’re traveling over 2500 meters. Look out for the AM’s symptoms and treat it.

It’s very important to realize that this is the holiday. You are here in order to enjoy it. Forget the days when you do not take care of the trek and had to run to catch the train.

Take steps that are slow and listen to your body. It’s okay to sit and Unwind. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery and walk on your pace.

5. Do not buy, rent!

If you do not have your trekking and are not a hiker Gears, lease them. There’s the possibility to rent some of your gears.

Leasing allows you to return items that you may never use After the trek is finished. The option that is renting can allow you to save plenty of money.

6. Helpful trekking hacks

Bring loads of passport-sized photographs for trekking permits and your own visa. Don’t forget to trek at a broken although comfortable boot for two or a week. Acceptable from the cities to avoid breaking up habits and the local culture.

Learn a few Nepali words to rapidly connect with natives. Wake up early to look at the sunrise, because nobody does a sunrise right like Nepal. Bring batteries and additional memory cards for your camera. Charging points are uncommon in the mountains and you don’t want to miss out on the mountains that are photogenic.

The mountains are a zone where communicating with friends and family back home could be hindered. Get a Nepali link and a mobile phone. It might be tough to acquire network sign in the places that are remote. But when you receive the signal, you’ll be glad you have your mobile phone.

Don’t forget your kit including the required supplies. Are you confused about what not to take for hiking and what to take? This is the list of items to pack for hiking in Nepal


If you follow these tips that are general, you will have a Moment that is east trekking. You will be able to have a fun, Hiking and adventurous experience in Nepal.

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