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Jomsom Muktinath Trek

by Sanjib
Jomsom Muktinath Trek

Jomsom Muktinath Trek is one of the very famous trekking of the Annapurna region. This trek offers to explore the holy place Muktinath of Nepal with the amazing Jomsom the windy town of Nepal. You can experience the different shades of the 2 places in one trek. Jomsom Muktinath trekking takes you to unique trekking trails with the variety of the cultural and the traditions of the different ethnic groups.

Highlights of the Jomsom Muktinath Trek

  • Amazing trekking trails
  • The apple farms and apple products like apple wines
  • Holy temple Muktinath
  • !08 stone taps
  • Wind of the Jomsom
  • Stunning view of the mountain peaks
  • ethnic groups and their different cultural & traditions
  • Mix cultural of the Buddhist & Hindu religious
  • Golden statue of the Lord Vishnu

Overview of the Jomsom Muktinath Trek

Jomsom Muktinath Trek is a perfect combine trekking that can give you an amazing trekking experience. the first place you will land at the Jomsom the windy town of Nepal. This trekking will take through some amazing village and the holy place. You can get an amazing experience from this Jomsom Muktinath trekking. and this trekking will give you a rich cultural experience of Nepal.

Jomsom is the windiest place of Nepal, where you can experience the extreme flow of the wind in the afternoon. The place is also known as the apple town because you can find the apple farms over there and the apple of the Jomsom taste really good. You can see the mixed culture of the Buddhist and Hindu peoples over there and in Jomsom, you must visit the Marpha village which is a very beautiful part of the Jomsom and you can find a variety of apples like apple wines and some other Apple products as well. The landscape with the mountain peaks view looks more attractive from there.

From Jomsom, you will head towards Muktinath which is one of the most sacred places of Nepal. Many Hindu and Buddhist religious people worshipped the Muktinath Temple.  In Muktinath Temple, you can find the 108 water taps where every people take a bath its make you pure and give peace to your mind. The holy temple has the statue of the Lord Vishnu and not only Nepal many other people from different countries come to take blessing in Muktinath Temple.

During the Jomsom Muktinath trekking, you can see the magical view of the Annapurna II, III, IV, Niligiri, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South, Machhapuchhare, Lamjung Himal, Hiunchuli, etc

Best Time to do Jomsom Muktinath Trek

Most of the trekkers say that Autumn and spring is the best season to do trekking in Nepal but you can do any day of the whole year. You just need to get some information about the weather but don’t be sure because no one can say surely about the natural climate but you can get prepared 100% on your side.

Summer/Monsoon Season

Summer and monsoon come together with a mix of hot and rain. the season brings a lot of hot and sunny days and with the heavy rainfalls. The trails can be muddy and sloppy because of the rain. You need to be extra careful while walking on the trails. But because of the rain, you can see the growing greenery around you. The washed mountain view look more amazing in this season.

Spring Season

Spring brings a happy nature with itself. The weather will be warm and cool in spring and this the second-best season to do trekking in Nepal. On the way, you can see the amazing growing plants, trees, and flowers. The forest cover with the greenery and the beautiful rhododendron. In the spring season, you can get a clear view of the Himalayan ranges with a clear blue sky with a white cloud.

Autumn Season

Autumn is the best season to do trekking in Nepal. This is the season when the trails get busy with lots of the trekkers and the enlivenment look more amazing. You can feel the stable and chilled weather in autumn. The atmosphere gives a positive vibe with the festival vibes as well. You can even join the celebration of Dashain & Tihar with the local people. In autumn because of the perfect and clear weather, you can get the amazing panoramic view of the mountain peaks and the greenery around you

Winter Season

The freezing cold season can be hard to do trekking but exciting at the same time. The weather will be cold and the uphill trails can make more hard for you but the amazing view of the Himalayan cover with the snow can be seen in winter only and you can have fun in the snow as well.

The difficulty level of Jomsom Muktinath Trek

While this is an easy kind of trekking for the trekkers. You won’t face so many difficulties during the trekking but you can face the windy day which is not what we face in daily life and that weather can cause you cold. Your body needs to be fit and healthy as well because you need to walk on the up and downhill trails 4 to 5 hours per day and it can make your body tired if you are weak. So to make this trekking easy for you to make good preparation before you start the trekking.

Accommodation & Food for Jomsom Muktinath Trek

During the trek, you will stay at the tea house, lodge or at homestays. You will get the in twin sharing basis. If you want a single room for yourself you need to request the owner if they can then they will provide you a single room. It is difficult to get a single room is difficult for this trekking. You can get the hot shower on the tea house and they provide you clean and warm room.

On the whole trekking journey, you can eat the tasty and delicious Nepali food or Thakali food for dinner and some international food like Indian, Italian and Continental foods and you can have some different types of coffee, juices, hot chocolate and refreshment drinks with some fast foods.

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