Amazing facts about Nepal

Interesting Facts About Nepal That You Didn’t Know

Nepal is a wonderful nation with dazzling scenes, rich culture, kind and friendly individuals and epic trekking trails. Be that as it may, you knew this as of now. Here are 10 lesser known realities about Nepal that make this nation even more uncommon.

Home of The Yeti

Nepal is home to probably the rarest species in the set of all animals. Like the one-horned rhino, the bengal tiger, the snow panther and, um, we should not overlook the strange Yeti. Legend says that the legendary animal wanders the remote mountain scopes of the Himalayas. While a few undertakings have been dispatched to discover proof of the Yeti, there is right up till the present time next to no evidence of its reality.

A Living Cultural Museum

Nepal brag the densest centralization of World Heritage destinations. Kathmandu Valley alone has 7 UNESCO World Heritage locales inside a sweep of 15km.

A Country of Many Records

Other than being known for its amazing vistas Nepal additionally holds some noteworthy world records. Like, for example, the tallest mountain on the planet (Mt Everest 8.848m), the most profound canyon (Kali Gandaki, 1200m) and the most elevated lake on earth (Tilicho Lake, 4,919m).

A Land of Many Tongues

For a moderately little nation, Nepal has an exceptionally differing populace with more than 80 ethnic gatherings. While the official language is Nepali, just 44.6% of the populace really talk it. The rest utilize one of the other 123 dialects spoken in Nepal.

Province Free

Nepal doesn’t have an autonomy day as (maybe on account of the security of the valiant and savage Gorkha warriors) it was never colonized by previous superpowers.

Living Goddess- Kumari

Nepal has the main living Goddess on the planet called Kumari. Kumari truly implies virgin in Nepali. There are three distinctive Kumari in three principle urban areas of Kathmandu valley.

Saturday is for resting

It’s a six-day working week in Nepal, while Saturday is held for being a rest day. On Saturdays, local people run in mass to places like Nagarkot to appreciate an excursion. Picnics are typically provided food occasions with uproarious music and heaps of moving. Participate on the good times.

Nepalese people are the most hospitable people

There is nothing very like Nepalese neighborliness. They might not have much, yet they will give you everything. Being such cherishing, veritable individuals, we ensure you’ll leave Nepal with profound regard and deference for them.

Mo:Mo Mania

This Tibetan style dumpling, loaded up with meat or vegetables, is one of most prominent nourishment in Nepal. Nepalis adore them such a great amount there are even yearly mo:mo eating rivalries to indicate who would chow be able to down the most mo:mos in one moment. The present Kathmandu record is a noteworthy 33 pieces.


When visiting Nepal, remember to bring a generous hunger. Dal-Bhat, a customary dish of rice and cooked lentil soup, is the staple sustenance of Nepal and a colossal segment is delighted in something like two times each day.

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