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Everest Base Camp Trek

by Sanjib
Everest Base Camp Trek

Overview of Everest Base Camp Trek

It is the chance to explore great Himalaya Mount Everest, is one of the wonderful and famous Trekking routes of Nepal. This trip is incredible with Sherpa culture which creates a life memory for the adventurers. Including many majestic features of the Khumbu Region, it makes lots of happiness up than even the clouds, penetrate your vision in natural views above the biggest peak of the earth.

Everest Base Camp Trekking is the most wanted Trekking goal for paradise trekkers. The height of the Mt. Everest is 8,848m. You will move through the path moved by Tenzing Norge Sherpa and Edmund Hillary. The scenic views of high Himalayas are the major reasons of trekkers attraction. EBC is a two week’s journey at the great elevation. Plan to complete the trek and to take care of your health condition while hiking.

Weather on Everest Base Camp

This is necessary to know about the weather of Everest Base Camp before planning your trip. Everest Base Camp lies in the bumpy piece of Nepal. The height that you gain while you trek in the Everest Base Camp is very noteworthy. To begin your trek, you will take a departure from Kathmandu to Lukla lastly get to Everest Base Camp. The height of Kathmandu is 1400 meters while that of Everest Base Camp is 5380 meters. Hence, in all out you will pick up an elevation of 4000 meters. In this way, there will be variations in the climate of different places along the trek. As you climb higher, the climate turns erratically in this trek. In this way, it is smarter to begin getting ready. Everest has four seasons-summer, spring, fall, and winter.


Summer in EBC falls in the period of June, July, and August. Amid this season, the base temperature along the most astounding purposes of the trek is around 0 degrees. This is a lovely temperature considering the way that you will be at the Base Camp of the tallest top of the planet. Notwithstanding, because of the way that rainstorm season harmonizes with summer in Nepal, EBC trek in summer season isn’t as prevalent as trekking there at harvest time or spring. Be that as it may, in the event that you plan your outing considering and have the proper rigging, summer trek in EBC could be a wonderful affair.


December, January, and February are the months when there is winter in EBC. Amid the winter season, least measure of precipitation happens in the Everest locale. The most shocking photos of the mountains are caught in this season. Be that as it may, because of overwhelming snowfall certain trekking courses are shut in this season. What’s more, a few places along the trek have a temperature of – 20 degrees in the winter. Hence, winter treks in the Everest area are likewise less prominent. Be that as it may, for individuals who like to trek in isolation, this is an incredible choice.


In Everest Base Camp, pre-winter falls in the long stretches of September, October, and November. With moderate temperatures and generally low odds of precipitation, harvest time trek to EBC is incredibly prominent. Amid this time, the temperature is mellow. This implies you have charming trekking temperatures amid the daytime. In the evening, the temperatures are not very low.


Soon after the consummation of winter in EBC arrives the spring season. This season falls in the long stretch of March, April, and May. The vegetation in the Sagarmatha National Park ends up lavish amid this season and the perspectives of rhododendron and pine backwoods in the Everest area are amazing. The mountains, icy masses and interesting towns in this area draw out their best shading amid this season. Photography winds up great in EBC amid the spring.

Altitude of EBC trek

There are some mountain passes that you can cross when you come for trekking in the Everest region.

Lukla2800 m
Namche Bazaar3438 m
Khumjung379 m
Tengboche3860 m
Gorak Shep5164 m
Everest Base Camp5364 m
Kala Pathar5545 m
Gokyo4750 m
Island Peak6189 m

How Difficult Could Everest Base Camp Trek Be

This is the most asked query in Google. There are many aspects which change either simplicity or trouble during EBC trek. Including your preparation, the distance you cover during the trip, altitude, and weather may affect your journey.

This article will support you to know how challenging the Everest Base Camp Trek is. I have detailed every component.

Geography of the Everest Region

Lukla(2800m) is the gateway of Everest Base Camp Trek after the departure from Kathmandu. There is another choice to complete EBC Trek from Jiri. Jiri way saves you to avoid flight ticket to Lukla.

From Lukla, You will continue via Namche Bazzar(3400 meters), Tengboche Monastery(3800meters), Dingboche Monastery(4410meters), Lobuche Monastery(4940meters) and then Everest Base Camp (5380meters) and Kalapatthar (5545meters).

While hiking in the Everest Himalaya, you will cross through the Sagarmatha National Park. It is outstanding for Snow-Leopard, Musk Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda, and Langur Monkey. It covers the space of 1,148 km (443square meter) part of the Solukhumbu District of great Himalaya Nepal.

Increasing Altitude

A standout amongst the most belittled things causing concern throughout the Everest Base Camp Trek is the altitude. The Kathmandu airplane terminal is at 1400 am while the air station at Lukla has arranged at twofold the rise than Kathmandu for example 2804 meters. This extension in altitude is as of now high to set up an individual with the sweet elevation disorder.

Discussing the Trekking courses, the growth increments 600-800 meters for everyday and the dimension of oxygen drains. This is one reason to have an acclimatization period in the intermediate of Trekking days. The increasing height can cause Acute Mountain Sickness.

to forestall height affliction, necessary to go, use but many days as could to achieve the Base Camp, have two acclimatization’s and rest day to agree to the rise and drink huge amount of water to defeat parchedness. Heading to these directions can help conform to the expanding elevation throughout the trek.

Duration Of Trekking

There are many longer and shorter trekking options available in Nepal. Some treks can take up to the month to complete and few completed in a week as well. It depends upon trekking route and your physical stamina. However, EBC is a two-week-long trek.

The absolute separation you cover amid the exemplary Everest Base Camp trek is around 130 kilometers. This implies you will generally cover 65 kilometers on your way up and 65 kilometers on your way down.

There are different trekking alternatives in the Everest area. You should need to visit Gokyo lakes, or Cho La pass or different goes amid your trek. The separation that you will cover in these treks will be more than the great EBC trek.

While doing the EBC trek, we will manage your breakfast in tea house/lodge in the morning. After that, you have to walk around three hours before having lunch. Taking Little bit rest, trek around ¾ hours before reaching the hotel for overnight. Which means, you will hike around 5 to 6 hours per day.

In the end, EBC trek is the moderate level of difficulty in terms of daily hours trekking.

Lack of Fitness and Training

With proper training and planning, you can reach Base Camp successfully and safely. It is the chance to make lifetime memory hikes in the Everest Himalaya. This is necessary to be fit and fine physically as well as mentally.

You have to start training before your trek. You can do regular exercises like cycling, jogging, swimming which helps to build your stamina and strength. If possible walk one to two hours a day can help you to build the stamina and increase your enjoyment.

Altitude Sickness

The possibility of the altitude sickness is over 3,000 meters of height. It has different types like Acute Mountain Sickness, High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE), and High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE). HAPE and HACE are quite threatening as compare to Acute Mountain sickness.

A headache, difficulty in breathing and nausea etc. are the early stage of altitude sickness. Also, running out of breath even walking in short distance, difficult to walk in straight, hallucination is chronic symptoms.

There is a chance of altitude sickness during Everest Base Camp trek at 5545 meters of Kalapatthar. If you notice any of the above mention symptoms while trekking to EBC, make sure that you have to descent to a below altitude as fast as possible.

Improper Diet/ Food Poisoning

Due to food poisoning and improper diet, many trekkers return to Kathmandu. Therefore, eating nourishment things containing meat isn’t suggested at all since there is a risk of sustenance harming.

The regular local Nepali cuisine food will be good enough to keep you healthy and physically fit.

The normal sustenance will be sufficient to keep your body sound. Drinking water can without much of a stretch be purchased at the neighborhood guesthouses along the trekking course or one can convey the filtration tablets also.

Unpredictable Weather

It is difficult to predict the weather while traveling to EBC. As a result, it is not possible to do a trek in every other season.

The amazing fact of EBC region is that the temperatures can reach as high as 25 degrees C (77 Degrees F), just to below down as low as -20 degrees C (-4 Degrees F) in between 24 hours. While there’s no real way to know precisely what every day in the mountains will bring, the climate and temperature ranges will, predictable based on the season and month.

The spring season (April, May, and June) and the autumn season (mid of September, October, and November) are viewed as the best time to go the Everest Himalaya. Monsoon season (July, August, mid of September) and the winter season (December, January, and February) isn’t generally recommended to travel.

Flight Delays To and From Lukla

Lukla Airport is at 2,860 meters surrounded by high mountains with a wonderful valley. Weather of this area is unpredictable so landing and taking off from Lukla is quite difficult. Monsoon months like June to September, it is hard to take off due to visibility may not be as good.

The helicopter is another option to head back Kathmandu. If you have been waiting many days due to flight cancellation, you can take a helicopter in an emergency case.


Everest Base Camp trek can be completed in various ways. It all depends upon the places that you want to see along the way. This is the classic route to Everest Base Camp:

DaysItineraryMax. AltitudeDistance CoveredTrekking Hours
1Arrival in Kathmandu1400 m––
2Kathmandu sightseeing1400 m––
3Kathmandu – Lukla – Phakding2800 m8 km3-4 hrs
4Phakding – Namche Bazaar3438 m11 km5-6 hrs
5Namche Bazaar acclimatization3438 m––
6Namche Bazaar – Tengboche3870 m10 km5-6 hrs
7Tengboche – Dingboche4360 m9 km5-6 hrs
8Dingboche -acclimatization4360 m––
9Dingboche – Dughla4600 m4 km3-4 hrs
10Dughla – Lobuche4940 m4 km2-4 hrs
11Lobuche – Gorak Shep- EBC – Gorak Shep5364 m13 km6-7 hrs
12Gorak Shep – Kala Pathar – Pheriche5545 m16 km7-8 hrs
13Pheriche – Namche Bazaar3440 m20 km6-7 hrs
14Namche Bazaar – Lukla2860 m19 km6-7 hrs
15Lukla – Kathmandu2860 m––

Tips and Tricks to Make the Everest Base Camp Easy

Everest Base Camp trek isn’t difficult when all is said in done on the off chance you pursue counsel. Intense mountain infection because of high elevation is the fundamental issue if they are not acclimatized. Since this trail is tracked by individuals from around the globe, it has noteworthy therapeutic to safeguard by helicopter offices which can be assembled.

Choose the right Gear

As we play each game with the correct rigging, need to that multi days trekking ought not be imperiled. A ton of my client arranging Base Camp trek out of the blue thinks EBC trek resembles ascending a high mountain. The accompanying things could give you with essential necessities:

– No grappling Ropes required

– No Ice hatchet required

– No Goretex required

– No climbing shoe or crampon required (Ground isn’t cleared–harsh, rough and rock-strewn)

Preparation tips

We give preparation tips before entering to the Himalaya sure it will help you achieve your dream toward Nepal. It requires a specific level of physical wellness for any trek, but that does not mean you need an expert mentor or unique mountain meet. From my experience, let me separate a part of the essential preparing you can do at home or at the recreation center close-by as a major aspect of the planning.


At least one month preceding the date of takeoff least 5-8 miles every day. This will encourage breathing and blood course, still developing your thigh and middle muscles.


Holding your breath and swimming stores oxygen that will ease short breath in the high height.

Yoga or Aerobic

Give time doing yoga, extending your body, running to tone up your body and muscles and so on.

Rec center

If you plan to climb with a stacked rucksack, we recommend more activity, leg Squat, Leg press, Dead-lift, Leg augmentation, Wall sits, Leg twist and so forth.

Test your rigging’s

This occurs in the event that you just purchased another match of trekking boots and haven’t tried for size and change with your feet. Keep in mind, forget your climbing boots ought to have enough space for fingers. For the most part climbing boots for mountain trails ought to have in any event 0.5 or 1 estimate greater than your normal size. Similarly vital is appropriate climbing stuns too.

When you buy trekking stuns you ought to think about purchasing Woolen socks. Fleece is normally antimicrobial so it will in general hold smells not exactly manufactured textures.

Several Advice which helps to make you strong mentally as well as physically

– Don’t be apprehensive, feel certain and feel like an accomplished climber.

– Drink enough liquids and remain constantly hydrated, lack of hydration may cause side effects of being debilitated also.

– Postpone your physical association with your accomplice while you are in the highest height.

– Always give enough space for approaching Yaks, Nyak, Ghokpe, Mule in transit and ensure you constantly lean up as an afterthought divider.

– Always drink cleansed water and bring one water purging drop/tablets with you.

– Be mindful of uncooked sustenance, keep yourself veggie lover as meat in the mountain are not new.

– Carry few additional calorie light sustenance.

– Always ensure you will pack the correct rigging that fits for Everest Base Camp Trek

– Stay far from liquor, smoking or sort of medication in the high height.

– Bring your own essential medical aid box you are alright with. Try not to utilize any medication that you don’t know about the brand.

– Do not rest amid the day in high elevation, It is prescribed to move around and keep yourself dynamic.

– Don’t be terrified or feel this may be the side effects of Altitude infection on the off chance that you have a little cerebral pain or a slight fever. It is typical to get these side effects while changing in accordance with shifting elevation.

Different Possible trekking routes in Everest Region Trek

There are many possible trekking routes in Everest region.

Everest Mini Trek

Everest Mini Trek is one of the short and superb trekking at Everest Region in Nepal. This Everest Mini Trek agenda is brilliantly intended to take you to the best and superb perspectives of Everest area that offer you an eye to eye stunning perspective on Mt. Our Everest Mini Trek will begin from Kathmandu with an energizing 40 to 45 minutes mountain trip to arrive Lukla town. From Lukla, we will stroll along the Dudh Koshi River which is the excellent stream.

At that point, we will arrive one of the awesome towns is called Phakding. The second day we will walk again and achieve the Sherpa capital which is exceptionally excellent town is Namche Bazaar. Namche is a functioning, distinguishable and vivacious town in the Everest Region. At that point, we visit the greatest town of the Sherpa’s is called Khumjung.

We investigate the town, visit intriguing religious communities and school at that point at long last come back to Namche, Lukla back to Kathmandu.

Everest Three Passes Trekking

Everest Three Passes Trekking is one of the testing treks to the Everest or Khumbu district which melds the trek to the Gokyo valley with Everest base camp and the raised Chola pass situated at the stature of 5420m. This trekking track offers the eye-getting perspectives on a few Himalayans gigantic including Mt. Everest (8848m), Makalu, Lhotse, Amadablam, Nuptse, Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pumori and so on. The real appeals of this Gokyo and EBC crossing Cho La Pass trek are the staggering mountain vistas, delightful waterway valleys, holy pools of Gokyo valley, crossing Chola pass and so forth.

Alongside the stunning vistas, we will see beautiful supplication banners; cut petition mani stones; customary qualities grasped by Sherpa world; climbing Kalapathar (18,190ft) for an eye-getting close-up all-encompassing sight of Everest and other principle tops. Gokyo valley, the disconnected Himalayan Valley introduces the scenes of the mountains, Gokyo Lake, ice sheets and so forth. Amid the walk, you likewise motivate the chance to take joy from the Dumje celebration just as Mani Rimdu move performed by the Sherpa individuals in religious communities.

Jiri to Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar:

The Jiri to Everest Base Camp trek, one of the well-known trekking ways will give you a chance to walk right through a few of the most radiant mountain scene on earth. Seeing compelling Mount Everest noticeable from Tengboche Monastery is brilliant.

From the highest point of the Khumbu Valley, Kala Patthar there is an engaging close perspective on Mount Everest. What’s more, the Khumbu Glacier Icefall offers a capturing sight; the ice appears to jump from the zenith of the Khumbu valley.

The setting of Jiri to Everest Base Camp trek was confined customarily by its Buddhist populace, and as of now, it is finished by the Sagarmatha National Park. On this day, you can, in any case, observe the exceptional the impedance fowl, musk deer, and a great deal of increasingly nearby species segregated by the recreation center. We will stroll through the Solukhumbu and Gokyo zones. The trek really pursues the trail of the medieval trans-Himalayan business course established by the Sherpa occupants.

We will walk up and down the Khumbu Glacier and approach Everest Base Camp at 5365 m. Seeing the Khumbu Icefall from Base Camp is great. We will move up to Mt.Kala Patthar, a little peak at 5555meters height.

Everest High Pass and Island Peak climbing

Everest High Pass and Island Peak treks, one of the strenuous however beautiful trekking will give you a chance to stroll through always showing signs of change vistas of colossal pinnacles. This brave endeavor of trekking, just as pinnacle ascending, satisfies the turn around of each unpracticed climber and genuine mountain climbers, who are keen on getting a charge out of the rush of experience and long to broaden their experience of the pinnacle ascending. This requesting trip requires physical wellness, quality, and some past trekking background as well.

We will start our Everest High Pass and Island Peak treks with an amazing trip to the pinnacle runway of Lukla, from where we will trek to the Namche Bazaar, a vivacious Sherpa land before into the districts of the tremendous mountains. We stroll around and climb various disconnected high goes just as crests to check the most delightful mountain vistas. We will likewise observe the sights the striking Himalayan valleys of Gokyo, Thame, Khumbu and Imja Valley.We will watch extremely essential Himalayan vista from 6 distinctive vantage spot like Chola, Gokyo Ri, Kalapathar, and Island Peak.

Most of the time Asked Questions

What sort of convenience is accessible in the Everest area?

There are lavish inns like Hotel Everest View in the Everest locale alongside teahouses, which are essential. As you trek to higher elevations, offices, for example, WiFi, room warming turns out to be rare. Ensure you check the trekking office you are making a trip with to realize what sort of settlement is organized you.

What sort of sustenance is served while trekking to EBC?

The kind of nourishment served is likewise subject to the lodgings that you feast on. Extravagant inns, for example, Everest View has an extraordinary scope of sustenance from Continental to American. In any case, on the off chance that you go to typical hotels, you will frequently be served conventional Nepali sustenance as Dal Bhat for lunch and supper.

Is there an incredible scope of drink accessible amid the EBC trek?

Nepal is very celebrated for the brilliant assortment of tea and espresso it serves. Along these lines, you will discover a scope of tea while trekking to EBC. The equivalent goes for espresso.

Be that as it may, you ought to stay away from the utilization of liquor while trekking. Utilization of liquor prompts drying out, which expands the odds of height affliction.

What sort of tidbits do I have to convey for the EBC trek?

Chocolate is dependably the most helpful bite that you can convey. Chocolates have high starch and vitality. Continually crunching it while trekking will enable you to keep up your vitality level.

Is drinking water at EBC unadulterated?

One of the most serious issues that you may look amid EBC trek is discovering clean drinkable water. Drinking sullied water may prompt looseness of the bowels, which will prompt lack of hydration. Along these lines, you can convey a water purifier or water refining tablets to guarantee that the water you drink is sheltered.

What sort of can offices are there in the EBC area?

The vast majority of the toilets that you find in the Everest locale are squat toilets. In squat toilets, is no programmed flushing here and you need to utilize a basin of water so as to flush. However, lodges that are as of late fabricated have programmed flush toilets also.

Is phone gathering accessible in the EBC trek?

Phone gathering and its quality shifts starting with one area, then onto the next however is accessible in a few sections of the EBC trail. There is cell phone office at Everest Base Camp also. Furthermore, a few towns and hotels have landline office as well.

Is there any limit on age for the EBC trek?

There are no limitations on the age, while doing the EBC trek. Be that as it may, featured previously, you have to experience fundamental preparing before embarking for the EBC trek. You may likewise need to consider counseling a specialist for a prudent checkup about the condition of your wellbeing. The specialist will likewise endorse you few drug for elevation affliction, if essential.

What is the limit of the heaviness of my things to Everest Base Camp?

In the event that you are taking a trip to Lukla, there is a sure limit to the heaviness of your stuff. The most extreme load of the registration stuff is 10 kg though that of the hand convey is 5 kg.

Is ATMs accessible in Everest Base Camp?

No. ATMs are not accessible in Everest Base Camp. There are a few ATMs in Namche Bazaar or Lukla yet not in spots higher than that. Furthermore, in most exceedingly awful situations, ATMs may come up short on money or the machines may not work appropriately. Along these lines, conveying hand money is dependably a decent choice.

Is there a standard for tipping/gifts while trekking in EBC?

Tipping isn’t necessary. On the off chance that you need to tip individual body or make a few gifts, you are allowed to do as such in any case, there is no firm standard about the amount you should tip.

The Everest Base Camp trek is a trek of a lifetime. Trekking tire will give you recollections that will keep going forever. Be that as it may, there are numerous interesting points previously you can begin your trek there. You have to painstakingly survey all things referenced above while getting ready for your trek. On the off chance that you are very much set it up, will be the most astounding trekking background of your life.


The Everest Base Camp trek is presumably one of the entrenched trekking trails on the planet itself. Checkpoints on the route are accommodated your wellbeing, it has all the coordination and correspondence offices accessible at assigned spots. Practically every visitor house offers wifi including base camp to speak with your family or companions. A little planning before you begin will raise your certainty and make your trek charming till the Base Camp of the world’s most noteworthy mountain. More than 200 experiences voyagers consistently book trip with us. In the event that you need to join with them don’t hesitate to request us. On the off chance that you appreciate perusing this article to share with your loved ones who’s been feeling the loss of this selective data about EBC. We would likewise acknowledge whether you give us a rating as an afterthought crapping box.