Celebrations in Nepal

Nepal is a nation with a changing scene, rich bio-decent variety and various cultures of the individuals living in it. Celebrations in Nepal each people group holds their one of a kind societies and customs which they have been following for quite a long time. Every one of them has their own arrangement of convictions and celebrations to celebrate. This […]

Festivals in Nepal

Nepal is a varied country with a varying landscape, rich bio-diversity and varied culture of the people residing in it. It’s impossible to mention all of the festivals celebrated in Nepal, but we’ve tried to incorporate the popular festivals celebrated by the majority of individuals. Each community holds their specific cultures and traditions that they’ve been after for centuries. Each […]

Holi Festival In Nepal 2020 | Fagu Purnima

Holi Festival in Nepal is the Color Festival, is a standout among the most well-known celebrations in Nepal. It happens on the full moon day in the Nepali Fagu month (February to March in Solar Calendar) and goes on for 7 days. Following Dashain and Tihar Festival, Holi is praised for the triumph of good over wickedness and the happening […]