Annapurna Base Camp Weather and season

Annapurna Base Camp Weather and Seasons

Autumn season is considered as the best season for trekking in Annapurna Region but even in such season, the weather could be unpredictable at the higher altitudes. With proper research and gear, it is quite an adventure. But, every season has its own beauty and uniqueness.

Spring Season

The weather is ideal for trekking in Spring as the weather is warmer and the forest blossoms with flowers and you can see green trees everywhere. Springtime starts from the month of March and ends in May. The trekking trail will probably be crowded with a lot of trekkers at this time of the year. It is the best time to enjoy the beautiful mountain peaks.

If you go trekking on your own, you will have a problem getting rooms and meals on time. The aroma of different flowers along the trekking trail will keep you enchanted. You might have the chance to get a glimpse of the wildlife in Spring. The skies are clear and the mountains are seen throughout your trekking journey.

Summer Season

The time from June to August is Summertime in Nepal. The summer season is different in Nepal as it rains a lot and also called monsoon season or rainy season. Pokhara, the starting point to Annapurna Base Camp, witnesses the most rainfall in the country. You just have to be prepared and plan your trek according to the season you are trekking. The hilly regions are moist and wet at this time of the year so the trekking routes are likely to get muddy and slippery.

So it is a plus point for you as you will get to choose the best place to stay and won’t have to queue for your meals. Since it rains a lot, there is less pollution and dust and you will get the best view of the green landscape. The weather is quite harsh as it is sunny in the daytime and can rain anytime. You have to be prepared and get an experienced guide and leader to trek this season as the trail are pretty slippery.

Autumn Season

The Autumn season is the best season to trek anywhere in Nepal. So you will need to get a lot of layer clothing. The weather is warm in the daytime and quite chilly in mornings and evenings. The temperature might drop below freezing point up in the higher altitudes. The best time to trek in Nepal is in the autumn season and the best month is in October.

The trekking trail is not as crowded as in the regular season. Compared to summer, the skies are quite clearer. The trekking trail in the lower region is quite dry and isn’t slippery as in the summer season.

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